All active duty military or overseas voters are eligible for absentee ballots by using the electronic system. Please visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program

    Grant County Candidate Filings and Ballot Positions

Candidates who need to withdrawal should fill out the Notice of Withdrawal. The certification of candidates has already been processed and it is too late to have your name removed from the ballot, however, it is better to withdrawal before the election than to be elected and know you cannot serve. The County Board of Elections is required to post in the precincts the candidates that withdrew after the certification of candidates.


County Board of Election Meetings

Regular Meetings are held in the Meeting Room in the basement level of the Grant County Clerk’s Office on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 9am.  Meetings are open to the public and board minutes are kept and recorded in the County Clerk’s office. April 12th Monthly Meeting will be held at 1pm and machine inspections will be completed.

The following dates have been adjusted and the board will meet on these dates instead of the 2nd Thursday. **October 25th, 2018 9am Bag Packing and Regular Monthly Meeting**

County Board of Elections Members

  • Tabatha Clemons, Chair
  • Jay Johnson, Deputy Sheriff
  • Pete Whaley, Republican Member
  • Jill Thomas, Democratic Member

Election Maps and Precinct Listing

Grant County Current Precinct Map-Last Redistrict: 2013 GC Precincts 2013

Grant County Current School Board Map-Last Redistrict: 2016 GC BOE Districts 2016

Grant County Precinct Listing with locations: PRECINCTS